Doosan Partners with Georgia Grown

Doosan Partners with Georgia Grown

From hauling hay to loading shipping containers, Doosan is here to help GA’s farmers. We hope that through our new partnership with Georgia Grown that we can do our part to help support local farms and businesses!

Regardless of if you need an electric forklift to load up your latest harvest or are in search of a used reach truck to put away supplies for the next season, our team is here to help you find the right solution for your farm or small business.

Material Handling in Agriculture, How Doosan & Georgia Grown Support Small Businesses

A forklift can meet just as many needs as your average tractor and more!  If you purchase your supplies in bulk, a new Doosan electric forklift could be the perfect addition to your farm! Just think, instead of unpacking pallets bag by bag, with a reach truck, you could lift the entire box and put them up in your barn in seconds!

Don’t forget that there are endless numbers of forklift attachments that you can use to make your life on the farm even easier. Doosan offers forklift extensions that can help you grasp haybales or drag large structures similar to the tractors, but for a fraction of the cost!

Georgia Grown Supports Local Farmers & Businesses

Georgia Grown’s mission is to network certified local producers in the great state of Georgia & Doosan is here to help. When you add your business to Georgia Grown’s searchable list, you also become a member of the Doosan family! Our forklift warehouse has the perfect reach truck for your farm or small business waiting for you.

Get your Georgia Grown small business on the map! Contact a Doosan forklifts dealer in Georgia today for the best price on pallet trucks in the southeast!

Best Forklifts Dealer for Georgia Grown Businesses Near Me?

Doosan’s sales team will pair you with the material handling solution you need to get your business off the ground. Regardless of if you need a reach forklift or a pallet truck, our team is here for you. Reach out and see how Doosan can help lift your small business up and into the future.

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